There are two kinds of people suffering from IBS or an IBD, whether that’s Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, pancolitis, or, often enough, something undiagnosable: those who have run out of options and those who will. We all arrive at that point and realize that the truth is, we were there all along. Because both doctors and scientists have always agreed: there is no conclusive cure for IBS or IBD.

When we reached that point, we could accept that there was no cure for a disease with no cause, and stay with that pain, the medication, surgeries, constant risks, and fears and isolation – or we could go somewhere new.

Because everything has a cause, and if we haven’t even found that cause, then maybe we just haven’t found the solution. So, we went out and looked for our relief, and then we kept going and looked even more.

This website is about discovering and examining safe alternative methods, backed by real research and testimonies, to reduce symptoms of IBD and IBS when standard methods are so ineffective or problematic that even professionals admit there are no answers.

But there are still no definitive answers here, only suggestions and observations in search of healing in the face of lifelong or life-threatening pain.